Welcome to BambaSwap

Bambaswap makes it possible for you to convert your airtime to MPesa instantly (In less than 1 minute). We also sell the cheapest airtime in Kenya at 10-15% discount.

Bambaswap is Kenya’s No.1 airtime to Mpesa conversion service. We are the cheapest, fastest & most reliable airtime to cash conversion service in Kenya.Quickly Convert online in seconds or Install BambaSwap App on Google Play.

Why use Bambaswap?

  • Fast - It takes seconds
  • Reliable & Available 24/7
  • Convenient & Secure
  • You can buy using Fuliza
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Cheapest Airtime in Kenya

Convert Airtime to Cash

  1. Visit bambaswap.com
  2. Click on Convert Airtime to cash
  3. Enter amount of Safaricom airtime you want to convert.
  4. Enter your safaricom phone number.
  5. Click on the go button.
  6. Click on the sambaza button.
  7. Receive MPESA instantly on your phone! 😊

Buy Cheap Airtime

  1. Visit bambaswap.com<
  2. Click on Buy Cheap Airtime
  3. Amount of Safaricom airtime you want to buy
  4. Click on the Buy now utton.
  5. Enter your MPESA PIN
  6. Receive 15% discounted Airtime Instantly! 😊

Buy Cheap Data Bundles

  1. Dial *384*3#
  2. Select option 3
  3. Select Safaricom
  4. Select type of Data plan (Expiry or No Expiry)
  5. Select Data bundle you wish to buy
  6. Enter your MPESA PIN
  7. Receive 15% discounted Data Bundles Instantly! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the airtime to cash conversion fees?

    At the moment our conversion fee is 30% of the airtime value. You get 70% of the airtime value in cash as MPESA.

  • Are there any transaction fees?

    No, accesing and using our BambaSwap is absolutely free. Visit Convert Now for Airtime to Cash conversion or visit to Buy Cheap Airtime Now

  • What airtime can be used?

    Currently we only accept Safaricom airtime. Plans are underway to accept Airtel & Telkom airtime networks soon

  • How long does airtime to cash conversion take?

    It’s instant. It takes less than one minute.

  • How much discount do you get from buying Bambaswap airtime?

    You get 10-15% discount on airtime bought using Bambaswap

  • What is the min. And max. Airtime amount acceptable for conversion?

    The minimum airtime amount you can convert is Ksh. 150 and max of Ksh. 5,000

  • Can you buy BambaSwap Airtime when having Okoa Jahazi?

    Yes, you can. Safaricom will deduct what you owe them.

  • Can you buy BambaSwap Airtime using Fuliza?

    Yes, you can.

  • What is Bambaswap’s mission?

    To provide emergency cash to ordinary Kenyans and cheap discounted airtime  to our customers. We endeavor to be there for you during those stressful moments when you need emergency cash & cheap airtime

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