What People are saying about BambaSwap

Here's what people are saying about Kenya’s No.1 airtime to Mpesa converter. Bambaswap also offers the cheapest Safaricom Airtime & Data at 10 - 15% Discount

Angelina N

Airtime at 15% less the normal price and in less than 2 mins. Amazing

Kifaru Rhino

The app is very easy to use/friendly and cheaper than other airtime vendors


Awesome,it has really made things easy for me.

Mc V-box

The Best airtime to mpesa instantly in Kenya


The best Airtime conversion in Africa

M Muthoni

The best app for cheap airtime and data bundles in Kenya

Vicky Wendy

This service is simply a life saver….I was stranded in town without bus fare and I tried it and converted my safcom airtime …I received mpesa instantly ! Wow! Amazing!

Samson Okwiri

Tumonchoke na bambaswap wadhii! Nilikuwa nimesota vibaya sana alafu nikatry hii service…imeniokolea sana..❤️

Musa G

“Rieng ni Bambaswap wasee!! Nimeget Safcom data bundles beii poa sana!

Abdi Fatah

This is the most reliable airtime converter in Kenya. Keep it up.

Peter Kilonzo

The cheapest airtime in the market. I buy my airtime from Bambaswap

Belinda Akinyi

Very fast airtime to cash conversion. I love it!

Why use Bambaswap?

  • Fast - It takes seconds
  • Reliable & Available 24/7
  • Convenient & Secure
  • You can buy using Fuliza
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Cheapest Airtime & Data in Kenya