smiling young lady using bambaswap app
  • What are the airtime to cash conversion fees?

    At the moment our conversion fee is 30% of the airtime value. You get 70% of the airtime value in cash as MPESA.

  • Are there any transaction fees?

    No, accesing and using our BambaSwap is absolutely free. Visit Convert Now for Airtime to Cash conversion or visit to Buy Cheap Airtime Now

  • What airtime can be used?

    Currently we only accept Safaricom airtime. Plans are underway to accept Airtel & Telkom airtime networks soon

  • How long does airtime to cash conversion take?

    It’s instant. It takes less than one minute.

  • How much discount do you get from buying Bambaswap airtime and data bundles?

    You get 10-15% discount on airtime and data bundles bought using Bambaswap

  • What is the min. And max. Airtime amount acceptable for conversion?

    The minimum airtime amount you can convert is Ksh. 150 and max of Ksh. 5,000

  • Can you buy BambaSwap Data Bundles when having Okoa Jahazi?

    No you can’t. Before buying data bundles make sure you clear your Okoa Jahazi.

  • Can you buy BambaSwap Airtime when having Okoa Jahazi?

    Yes, you can. Safaricom will deduct what you owe them.

  • Can you buy BambaSwap Airtime & Bundles using Fuliza?

    Yes, you can.

  • What is Bambaswap’s mission?

    To provide emergency cash to ordinary Kenyans and cheap discounted airtime & data bundles to our customers. We endeavour to be there for you during those stressful moments when you need emergency cash, cheaper data bundles & airtime