Airtime to Cash

Converting airtime to cash has never been so rewarding!
As everyone fights the financial constraints in Kenya, BambaSwap has an ideal way of helping you sustain your livelihoods, without breaking the bank. We endeavor to be there for you when you need emergency cash or cheap airtime. Our services can be easily accessed through the BambaSwap website or mobile app, which is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The conversion service is charged at a 30% fee, where you will be able to get 70% cashback on airtime sambazad to our account, whereas purchasing airtime from our system enables you to get an additional 15% of what you bought.

Despite working with only Safaricom, BambaSwap has taken pride in providing emergency cash to ordinary Kenyans by making sure that the service is fast, reliable, convenient, and has zero transaction fees. What takes a toll on it is that you can also buy airtime using Fuliza or Okoa Jahazi, where Safaricom will deduct what you owe them. We have witnessed clients conveniently pay their bills, bus fares, etc., making the service very secure. When looking for a way to manage your airtime, kindly trust BambaSwap for all your conversion and airtime purchase needs!