Airtime conversion

Airtime conversion has become an increasingly popular and convenient feature in today’s digital landscape. This innovative service allows users to transform their existing airtime balance into usable funds within their mobile money account. By simply accessing the Bambaswap application or using our website that leads to specific USSD codes, individuals can convert their airtime credits into Mpesa. This functionality not only enhances financial accessibility but also maximizes the utility of airtime, ensuring that users can leverage their balances beyond traditional call and text services.

The process of converting airtime to Mpesa typically involves a few straightforward steps. Users can initiate the conversion through Bambaswap mobile application which you can download from Play Store or visit our website on

Upon selection, users usually enter details such as the amount of airtime they wish to convert and their Mpesa account details. Once confirmed, the system processes the conversion, swiftly transferring the equivalent monetary value of 70% of the amount of credit converted to the MPESA account, empowering individuals with greater flexibility and utility for their airtime balances. This seamless integration between airtime and MPESA reflects financial technology offering users an efficient means of managing their funds and transactions.