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How to Buy Cheap Safaricom Airtime at 15% Discount in Kenya

BambaSwap sells cheap discounted airtime, we give up to 15% discount. Bambaswap airtime is like any other normal airtime. You can sambaza it to friends, use it to buy data and subscribe to any network plan. BambaSwap airtime is available 24/7 and can be bought on our website or the BambaSwap mobile app

Currently, BambaSwap is selling Safaricom mobile airtime at 15% percent discount. This means that for 100 bob airtime you save 15 bob. Many people use more than this per day. 15 bob saved per day is Ksh 450 per month. A consumer who spends Ksh 5,000 worth of airtime monthly, will save KSh 1,250. BambaSwap offers the best airtime discount in the market today at 15%. We sell to individuals, retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Try us today.

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  • NOTE: Zero transaction fees and you can also use Fuliza to buy the airtime
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